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WELCOME - Life is changing, it’s time to adapt! Things are evolving – technology, communication, coaching, DEI initiatives, equipment, best practices, SafeSport. All of this makes running a club or coaching a team both exciting and challenging. We understand that you have a lot of questions and USRowing’s Annual Convention can help give answers and advice. Each day, a keynote speaker will kick us off before we dive into webinars, guest speakers, hands-on demonstrations and more. We hope you join us for these five days of learning from the experts (and of course some fun)!
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Luce Taylor

Junior Coach
Luce Taylor (they/them) is a trans/non-binary Juniors Coach and former coxswain from the DMV. They carry a passion for empowering queer athletes and coaches within the sport of rowing. Luce is committed to changing the way we think about junior athletes and their support needs, focusing on individual relationships and leaving the floor open for young people to surprise us. They believe in radical honesty as a coaching model, and encourage vulnerability as a leadership skill. They put a strong emphasis on equity as a coaching value, given rowing's long history as a white and cisheteronormative sport. Luce hopes to open the door for other queer coaches and athletes to make their mark on the sport, and to provoke change by calling on the rowing community to champion queer athletes' right to compete.
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  • Coaching Education: A Look Outside of Rowing
  • Coaching Education - The Essentials of Our Sport
  • Coaching Education: The Quality Coaching Paradigm
  • Coaching Education: Trends in Performance
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion
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